LCHS takes trip to Bikini Bottom for SpongeBob musical

by: Kalen Lizotte


“Are ya ready kids”? 

 Your favorite characters from “SpongeBob Squarepants” are on an epic adventure to save Bikini Bottom from impending doom. They are making a pitstop at Lee County High School this weekend.

Timothy Flowers takes the stage as SpongeBob along with Lucas Nelson as Patrick and Sophie Cooper as Sandy Cheeks. Nelson is thrilled to take the stage portraying an iconic character. 

 “Patrick is my childhood favorite character,” Nelson said, “I was thrilled.”

Ah, a beautiful sunny day in Bikini Bottom, when suddenly disaster strikes. Mount Humongus is erupting! SpongeBob and the gang need to help save their home with friendship, laughter, songs and some evil schemes.

While the cartoon is underwater, obviously, the auditorium at LCHS could not make that happen. The SpongeBob set crew spent the past few Saturdays decorating the stage to bring the underwater magic to life.

“It just brings magic to the theater,” Nelson said.

Swim on down to Bikini Bottom to help save the beloved town. Shows are Friday through Sunday. Shows start at 2 pm and 7pm. Tickets are $5 for all K-12  students and $10 for all adults

Nelson, and the rest of the cast and crew want everyone to make it to the auditorium this weekend.

“I’m hoping everyone and their moms will see it it’s a great show we worked really hard on it,” Nelson said.

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