Marching Yellow Jackets participate in Christmas parades

by: Amya Neal-Tysor

The Lee County High School band was invited to play for the busy crowd at Downtown Sanford Christmas parade. That was how the marching Yellow Jackets started the holiday performance season.

“It was a learning experience for them,” said LCHS band director Mike Wilkins.

The LCHS marching band march in the Downtown Christmas parade Monday night.

Even though there were three other bands there, the LCHS band did amazing according to Wilkins.

“I thought our band represented us well,” Wilkins said.

The band has been practicing for the Downtown Christmas Parade for weeks and they have been able to show off their skills to everyone around. Not only were they representing the LCHS band but also the school.

“I think our performance did really well, People seem to enjoy it!” freshman drummer Tatiana Allen said. 

Now, the LCHS band is focusing on the upcoming Broadway parade and they are excited about it. Wilkins is extremely proud of how far the band has come and is looking forward to the Broadway parade, set to take place at 10 am Saturday morning.

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