’12 Angry Women’ take stage at LCHS

by: Lissette Garcia

SANFORD – Most plays that Ron Coley directs at Lee County High School are usually for everyone. However on Friday and Saturday night, his advanced theatre class will present “12 Angry Women.”

The play is based off the original film called “12 Angry Men,” a 1957 American courtroom drama film directed by Sydney Liment. “12 Angry Women” was published by Sherman L. Sergel in 1955.

“We did this play also a few years ago, we labeled it then “12 Angry Jurors” because we had a mix of boys and girls on the jury. It just depends on who we have in the class,” Coley explained. 

Coley’s advanced theatre class falls perfectly in “12 Angry Women.” 

“We just happen to have a class that has 12 girls and one boy,” Coley said. “The boy is the guard and then we have our 12 girls to be our ’12 angry women.’ They’re not all actually angry though.”

Rehearsals for “12 Angry Women” take place during school hours in Coley’s advanced theatre class.

The play “12 Angry Women” is about the deliberation in the jury room of a boy who is accused of murdering his own father.

“I think that they’ll be really caught up in  the drama of it and maybe make them question making quick decisions. A lot of times, us human beings make quick decisions based on what we see in the media. You really have to dig a little deeper to get to the truth,” Coley stated.

Performances will take place Friday and Saturday in the auditorium starting at 7:00. Tickets can be bought on gofan.co.

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