LCHS math department named first department of the month

By: Logan Baines

SANFORD – The math department at Lee County High School was named the first recipient of the department of the month award Friday. This is the first time this award has been given out at LCHS, so the math department being the first is the start of a special award for teachers.

“I am honestly glad, and I know they must have worked very hard for this award,” said LCHS sophomore Jad Daou. 

The award was voted on by teachers at LCHS. For most of the first quarter, many teachers in the math department were forced to teach four classes in order to cover for a number of openings. When the school year began in August, there were still three openings in the department.

This award will be a monthly thing from now on here at LCHS.

“I feel so pleasured and honored to be in this school with such great potential and understanding. The amount of knowledge the math teachers withhold is above me,” said senior Jacob Womble. 

This award will become another thing for teachers to chase as the year goes on. It represents the hard work and dedication that these teachers put in to helping us students learn. Teachers in the math department will be honored with a certificate and other prizes, as well as by being recognized at the next staff meeting.

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