McDuffie commits to UNC for baseball

by: Sherlin Camargo

SANFORD – A dream became a reality after Walker McDuffie committed to the University of North Carolina as a pitcher. McDuffie is incredibly grateful for this opportunity.

“It’s always been my dream school, ever since I was like four,” McDuffie explained. “I’ve been a die-hard UNC fan my whole life, so when I got that, I had to do it.”

He has come far since his sophomore year where he had started eight games, pitched in ten, and went 6-3 on the mound. He allowed 19 runs, nine earned, struck out 75 batters, and walked just 17 on the season.

In total, McDuffie pitched 57 innings last year. 

His recruitment occurred after he attended a camp at UNC a few weeks ago. He pitched in front of the recruiters and was able to immediately capture their interest.

“They offered me the next day. It was quick,” McDuffie said. 

McDuffie noted that he was nervous and it left him speechless. “I didn’t really say much except just saying yes. It just doesn’t feel real,” he said.

Being able to attend his dream school has left McDuffie shaken up with joy. But, even though he is excited about his recruitment, he still has a long way to go in his next two years of high school. There are many games he still needs to pitch in.

Focusing on reaching college levels will be his main goal, by getting faster is how he will do this. He has to keep his weak points in mind to help him grow as a player.

“I’m just gonna continue to grow, that’s about it, just grow and get stronger,” McDuffie explains.

McDuffie has two seasons left to play for Lee County High School’s baseball team.

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