Jackets sweep Cavs on court

by: Amya Neal-Tysor

The Lee County High School varsity girls and boys basketball team swept the Cavaliers at Lee County High School. 

The Varsity girls defeated Southern Lee 54-41. Navaeh Baldwin was the player of the game scoring 14 points entirely.

During the game it was a close match between them both by half time it was 29-22 between the Lady Jackets and the Cavaliers.

The Yellow Jackets improved to 12-4 with the win.

Kaleah Cotton added 12 points, five rebounds, three steals and two assists in the win. Kelyce McSwain and Nya South added 18 and 16 rebounds respectively. The pair combined for 22 offensive rebounds.

During the varsity boys game it was a rough game, going into overtime two times. It was a nerve racking game for both sides before the Jackets came out with the win, 57-47.

 In the first quarter the score was 5-6, the Cavaliers was one point up in the lead. 

By the end of the second quarter the score was 19-20,  just like last quarter just one point behind the Cavaliers. 

The third quarter it was a tie 28-28, same thing in fourth quarter 42-42, this caused the game to go into overtime. Both sides were on the edge of their seats on what was going to happen next.

In the first overtime it was a tough match. The ball was going back and forward to both sides and with a couple seconds left the score went up to another tie between the Jackets and the Cavaliers.    

On to the second extra period, people are on the edge of their seats. Not only was this a tight game between a rivalry team but it was also an overtime game. It was a close match between both sides the game had finally ended to 57-47 with the Jackets taking the win. The boys basketball team improved to 7-11 with the win.

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