LCHS juniors to take PSAT

by: Terrae Minter

On Wednesday, juniors at Lee County High School will be taking the PSAT in the media center. The PSAT is meant for testing the skills of students with reading, math and writing skills.

LCHS plans for the students free opportunity with testing. “50 students in the junior class have free testing because the school only pays for a certain amount of tests,” said assistant principal Jenee Peace.

The PSAT is important because it helps students with college. “It gives the kids that want to go to college access to information on ways they can improve and how they kind of measure up the base of the key criteria that colleges look at,” Peace said.

To prepare for a PSAT, create a study plan and see where your strengths and weaknesses are. 

“Really just, there are practice tests and everything like that but if you take school seriously and have required skills throughout kindergarten to eleventh grade you should be pretty well prepared for the  PSAT,” said Peace. A good PSAT score  960 and 1070 on the PSAT test will fall within the top 50% of all test takers.

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