Statue becomes centerpiece of LCHS

by: Derrick Smith

One of Betsy Bridges’ goals since she took over as principal of Lee County High Schools was to make the campus look nicer.

“One of the things I wanted to see happen was beautification and making our campus more inviting and celebrating that we are the yellow jackets,” Bridges said.

The yellow jacket statue sits in the courtyard at LCHS. Photo by Susan Myers

One way Bridges decided to do that was to buy a statue of a yellow jacket to make the centerpiece of the courtyard at LCHS. The statue is a medium size yellow jacket, unpainted, made of bronze.  

“I was looking on Etsy and I was looking at yellow jacket things and I saw the statue,” Bridges said. “It was a handmade statue that a man in North Carolina made and so, I reached out to him to see what we needed to do and our bookkeeper here, [Kathy] Rosser, talked with him to talk about funding and what we could do.”

Bridges and Rosser organized donations so she could reach out to the man about the statue.

“We got some donations and the man started putting it together and building it. It took over a year because of materials, with the pandemic, the materials that he was needing he had a hard time getting them in.”

Bridges got certain students together to help make the courtyard a nice place, including painting the benches over the summer. Bridges decided on letting the students be allowed to paint it, trying to get them together to decorate the campus more.

“One thing I do want to find out from the students is if they want to paint it. I’ve seen people take pictures with it so if I think they are taking pictures by it but I never had anyone come up to me and say ‘Hey, Mrs. Bridges. I love the statue.’”

Betsy Bridges made it her goal to beautify the campus at LCHS. This yellow jacket statue was one way to do that. Photo by Susan Myers

It’s mainly just to beautify and make us have more things to be proud of on our campus. Bridges says our campus deserves respect and needs responsibility for their trash.

“I have not gone this far as to surveying if people really want to do that but it is an option we can get it painted.”

Bridges wants students to help paint the statue into the mascot with a shirt on it and put an L on it. If anyone wants to paint the statue or help around the courtyard, contact Bridges.

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