Yerger set to start new job as LCHS assistant principal

by: Laiken Ward

SANFORD – Lee County High School will have a former teacher become a new assistant principal next semester. Social studies teacher Lucas Yerger was named assistant principal at LCHS at the December Lee County Schools board meeting.

”Mr. Yerger has only been here for a short time but he is a great fit for the job because he has a lot of background knowledge at other schools. And is always jumping in and helping with things every where we have needed even without asking him,” Principal Betsy Bridges explained.

Yerger just moved to Sanford and has gotten this great opportunity to go to a higher level in the school. 

The process of applying for a higher position in the school is filling out an application and coming in for an interview with the principal and some of the other administrators. 

Yerger got a master’s degree in administration during his first year teaching just in case an opportunity came along that had an administrator position opening.

“I got the masters just in case a door opened and that opportunity was available,” Yerger said.

Yerger is very school spirited and loves to help out. Yerger has taught, coached, and will soon be an assistant principal. Yerger’s plan for the school is to get more kids to come to school and actually want to be in school. 

“I want to build on the school spirit and get people excited to come to school, attendance is a big thing on if students succeed and getting them to come everyday is the goal,” Yerger added.  

Jumping to a much bigger role in the school is a big responsibility, Yerger explained  that he is ready for this role. 

“I definitely have a lot of nerves but I think I’m ready for such a big leadership position but I’m excited,” said Yerger.

While the nerves are there, Bridges is sure Yerger is the right person for the job, saying “We needed a Mr. Yerger.”

Yerger’s first day as a member of the administration team is Tuesday.

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