Key Club hosts food drive for the holidays

by: Jennifer Lomeli

SANFORD – During the holidays, there are many people in need. Lee County High School wants to help. The Key Club of LCHS hosted a Thanksgiving food drive where people helped collect non-perishable foods to support their community.

“It’s important because of the holiday season uplifting some people and you know it’s the time of giving thanksgiving and things like that so we felt it was the right thing to do to help people in need,” said Lucas Yergar, the coordinator of the Thanksgiving food drive.

The cans are going to the Christian United Outreach Center in Sanford and they do backpack pals within the schools and have accepted all of the LCHS donations.

“Over the holidays it’s important to make sure that we are helping out our community and giving back all that we can in school and in Sanford overall,” said Brinkley Lucas, president of the Key Club.

The LCHS Key club had several expectations they wanted to meet. They have also spread the word all around school.

“We’ve talked about it within meetings so that all of our members are there and encouraged to bring in cans and then they can all share to teachers, friends and family to get more people interested in donating. We have also advertised on Instagram with posters within the school and through word of mouth by members, teachers and emails,” Lucas said.

“Our goal is to get as much goods as we can for the people who are less fortunate people, people who need it,” said Yerger.

The LCHS Key club will also be doing a  raffle for the food drive. For each can you donate its one entry into a gift card raffle.

In the two weeks food was collected, the Key Club collected over 200 cans of food to donate.

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