South, Womble sign to play sports in college

by: Jad Daou

SANFORD-Two athletes finalized their college choices in a signing ceremony at Lee County High School Friday afternoon. Nya South is going to UNC-Greensboro to play softball and Jacob Womble will attend Mt. Olive University to play tennis.

Going to college for sports is no easy task. Such is the case with South. Throughout her years she has practiced for the moment where she would get into college. “I’m excited, pretty nervous,” South said.

She felt as though UNC-Greensboro was the right fit for her

“I actually felt pretty great because I know the school is right for me,” South said. “I didn’t have any second guesses about oh do I really want to go here, but obviously the school itself was amazing and the softball program was even better.”

With college being still another year away there will be a lot of time to prepare and practice. “During next summer, I’ll probably start doing more of their workouts instead of doing my own sort of program,” South explained. “They’ll probably give me a specific program that I need to work on, while I’m in college. During the summer we’ll probably run a lot of softball camps for younger kids, and we’ll still be practicing but it will be more by ourselves.”

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for South playing softball. She has also dealt with people telling her she would never make it to college softball. Friday was to prove those people wrong.

Nya South will play softball at UNC-Greensboro.

“To them, I just say you really shouldn’t tell people, you shouldn’t really give up on people because someone can always work hard to get where they’re at, and they told me that when I was 12. They told me that I would never be able to go, be able to go play college,” South said. “It was a shock to hear that and my parents were like why would you say that, I just used that to work harder and I got to where I proved them wrong, got to where I’m at right now.”

Jacob Womble is excited to continue his tennis playing days in college. Womble, who advanced to the state singles tournament as a junior, is ready to live out a dream.

“I feel very excited that I’m living out my dream,” Jacob stated.

Jacob Womble will play tennis at Mt. Olive.

Signing to play tennis in college has been a goal of his for a long time and it has finally come to fruition. Womble’s mother, father, and sister were all present for his signing.

“My father recommended the college,”  Jacob said. “I’m very passionate about tennis and it has been my goal for a very long time” Although this is an important event, he kept calm “I’m never nervous, I have the heart of the tiger.”

Womble and South’s senior seasons will culminate in the spring.

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