“Night of the Living Dead” makes return to LCHS

by Kalen Lizotte

SANFORD – Zombies are taking over the stage Wednesday night at Lee County High School. “Night of the Living Dead” is being brought back as the fall play for its third year by the LCHS theatre department. 

“Night of the Living Dead” has been put on three times since 2011 at Lee County High School. It has gone through many different casts and directorial stances. This year is said to be the best take on the horrifying 1968 movie that LCHS has put on.

“This is a play based on the movie from the 1960s that really introduced the concept of zombies,” said director Ron Coley. “It is these people trapped in this house on a horrible night when the dead come back to life and start eating people.”

Coley stated the reason why this play has been chosen multiple times is because of how serious the play is.

“It is so different most other Halloween plays are sort of hokey-, not serious horror, and we have gotten good responses when we’ve done it before,” Coley said.

Coley also stated he is very excited for this year’s cast.

“It was really hard,” Coley said. “I had a lot of good potentials for every role even though there are only a few big speaking roles. Just matching it up a little bit to the movie and a little to my concept of things. 

“I also think it’s a good show to bring out new people because if people have never done theater before but think they might like it, being a zombie is a good place to discover what it’s like.” Coley said about the zombies of this year.

“Night of the Living Dead” will open Wednesday and run Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday starting at 7:00pm. There will be concessions sold and tickets will be sold for $5 for students and $10 for adults you can find tickets at https://gofan.co/app/school/NC1300.

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