LCHS carpentry classes selling deer stands

by: Laiken Ward

SANFORD – Timothy Willett is the construction teacher at Lee County High School. In his class students learn many things about building and constructing projects. 

The biggest project that they are working on right now is building deer stands. These stands are all made by the students. The way selling deer stands came about was actually an accident. 

“We had somebody come up wanting one. And then they had a friend that wanted one, and it just grew from that,” Willett said.

The LCHS carpentry classes are building deer stands to sell to the public. Photo by Laiken Ward

Anyone can purchase these blinds. The deer stands will be placed for sale online once they are completed. 

Willett is hoping his students will learn the basics of carpentry, marketing, measuring, leveling, cutting, and sawing. 

John Welch is a student in Willetts class. Welch says he enjoys this class and looks forward to it after his lunch period. “Because I get to do more hands-on work,” Welch said.

Welch had never built a large project like this outside of school, but has built many inside of school.

There are some easy tasks and more difficult tasks about building hunting blinds. Welch explains that “getting the measurements right to make sure everything looks flushed and evened out, for the buyers.”

The skills these students will learn will really help them in the near future. “If you need something to repair, day-to-day household work, or if you need something to fix. You will have the skills to help you,” Welch said.

The number of projects the students will build verys, it depends on the students. They have already completed two and are working on the third. Willett and his classes hope they will build three more before the semester ends.

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