LCHS to host Fall Festival

by: Maziya Harrington

Lee County High School is hosting a Fall Festival on Wednesday from 6-8 p.m.

The main goal of the Fall Festival, hosted by the Student Government Association, is to give students, in high school and younger, the opportunity to interact in a fun, safe environment.

“We think that it would be that kids would enjoy coming to the high school with the big kids and having events,” said SGA advisor Samantha Biles. “That way student leads are able to have some good works and be able to raise funds for clubs and the whole community is able to be involved.”

Community involvement is really important to the program.

“Just to have community involvement and to raise funds for our clubs so we can do more stuff like this in the future,” Biles said. 

“There are, I believe, over fifteen clubs that are involved in FCA hosting but there are lots of different clubs like Jacket Journal and Skills USA, Drama Club, just to list a few,” Biles said. 

It seems like an easy process to set it up, but, as Biles explained, there are plenty of challenges.

“This has been something that we had a idea for a few years, but because of COVID, we haven’t been able to actually do it,” Biles explained. “So, this is the first year it was possible for us to actually plan it out and so with planning it, we had to get approved by the board so that we can use the facility.

“Then I just asked clubs if they wanted to be involved,” Biles said. “They let me know what they wanted to contribute and we posted it at different places around town.”

Tickets will be sold at the Fall Festival. There are two options: $10 for 25 tickets or $20 for 50 tickets. Individual clubs will charge different amounts for the events held at their tables. 

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