LCHS athletics: Powered by Adidas

by: Jonathan Sweat

SANFORD – “Here’s your Jackets sports update powered by Adidas.” Reggie Peace says this every morning, but, how did a sponsorship from Adidas actually happen?

When you look around Lee County High School, you see Adidas all around. To the football gurus, to even Couch Peace during the announcements to the signs around LCHS, Adidas is everywhere.

In the past, players wore what they could buy. Like with tennis shoes and socks. Now “it gives us that uniformity in terms of what teams are wearing,” said co-athletic director Nathan Harrington.

But when was the contract signed? “We originally signed the deal in the 2018, 2019 school year,” Harrington said. The contract runs through 2026.

“My good friend that graduated from here and played football here works for Adidas,” Harrington said.

The sponsorship is good for the branding of the school. “It allows student athletes and the students to purchase Adidas items at a discounted cost,” Harrington said.

 The current contract gives the school $14,000-15,000. Money to use for uniforms each school year and it’s not just for the football team but for all athletic teams.

The Adidas contract brands LCHS. “Way athletics at the high school level evolved is almost like we are kind of looked at as a small college,” said Harrington.

 It helps that the school feel like a small college. LCHS get 35% off retail and footwear, 20% off exercise clothes and uniforms.

Behind all the uniforms and gear LCHS is powered by Adidas.

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