R.A.K.S holds first meeting at LCHS

by: Sarai Diaz Borja

Every year, clubs at Lee County High School are made. During the 2022 school year, a new club is introduced: Random Acts of Kindness, or for short R.A.K.S. 

The person in charge of planning and managing is Graci Stephenson with one of her closest friends Lacy Walker. The first meeting is scheduled for Thursday. Although not much has been planned, there is one solid direction the club is heading for. That is leaving positive messages, giving small gifts and just spreading positivity all around the campus. 

“There are a handful of people who do want to join,” Stephenson said “mainly people in the International Baccalaureate program with me but also people at lunch or people I see around campus.”

They plan to get people talking about this club, social media and posters have done the job pretty well as some students are ready to join.

Although the club is created by students there has to be an adult in charge. Zachary Francis is in charge of administrative work and attending meetings. 

He was first approached around early September by the students. When asked why he accepted to be an advisor for the club he said “I want to leave as being this person who you can come to when you need help, when you need advice, when you need anything and so that’s why I accepted it. That’s why I became a teacher.”

Francis hopes to leave a mark as a trustworthy teacher. A person who can be trusted enough to be approached when in need of advice, feedback or just when in need of someone to talk to.

Who or what could have inspired Stephenson to make RAK’s a thing? 

“I’ve always grown up being told by my dad that my love language was random acts of kindness, ” Stephenson said.” I like to randomly do sweet things for people, like giving. Even simple things like little notes or a ‘I thought of you gift.’ I like when it’s done to me so I wanted to make a club where everyone can feel special.” 

The program has shown a strong potential “so hopefully this is something that can continue past this year and can continue for years to come. I think this could be one of those clubs to go on that people look forward to being a part of,” Francis said. 

About 25 people attended the first meeting Thursday afternoon.

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